A.R.K. Results!

Sorry for the late update on ARK Results. The information has been freely available on the forums of choice for our gamers like Shoryuken.com, TekkenZaibatsu.com, and Smashboards.com.

Wow. So first thing's first. I want to apologize to everyone who came for being a little behind on our schedule. I know people were traveling in from out of state and wanted to get into their tournaments. We were a little short on man-power, but I hope once our tournaments got going, they were run smoothly and efficiently. Second, I'm sorry for any set-ups that had lag on them. As soon as people complained, we tried to switch to CRTs. Unfortunately, BlazBlue and HDR had to play on a few laggy setups, but I hope it wasn't that bad. Thank you guys for understanding.

Next, I'd like to give mad props to all of the gamers that showed up to rep their respective states. We had peeps from FIVE states show up to our tourney (TX, OK, MO, TN, and AR). Our biggest turnout was Street Fighter 4 (37 entrants; pot was $370). Our smallest turnout for one of our main games was CvS2 (8 entrants; pot was $40). Garou was voted in (11 votes) but only 6 people wanted to pay when the time came, so it had an even smaller pot ($30), but it was winner take all.

It's 4AM in the morning and I'm super tired, but I'm sure people want to at least see a
partial results page. Without further ado, here's a brief summary of the results (Top 3 + Payouts). Note: Full results + Brackets + Payouts + Pictures/Videos of some matches will be here in the coming days. Btw, if you have a nickname that you go by and you want me to put it on here instead, let me know.

1. Lil Majin ($59.50)
2. Jerrod ($17)
3. Tim ($8.50)

1. Edison ($49)
2. Professor Tick Throw ($14)
3. Lil Majin ($7)

1. Lil Majin ($126)
2. ShinBlade ($36)
3. Professor G ($18)

1. WT Snacks ($84)
2. IHaveSpaceBalls ($24)
3. Chamberlin ($12)

1. Chuck ($91)
2. AfroStatic ($26)
3. ThrillerMan ($13)

1. Lil Majin ($28)
2. Mr. Sagat ($8)
3. Allen ($4)

1. Meximelt ($35)
2. Warden ($10)
3. DeeZee ($5)

1. FindMyFarms ($259)
2. Arthur ($74)
3. Mike ($37)

SF4 3v3 Teams
1. Team White Guys (Justen, Jeff, Arthur) - $73.80
2. Team Jop (FindMyFarms, Professor Tick Throw, Galvan) - $21
3. Team M&MS (SmokeMaxX, Putting Out The Fire Mike, ThyAllMighty) - $10.50

1. Arthur (Winner Take All $30)

Alright first off: Lessons learned. 1) It's hella hard to make tournaments run on schedule. 2) Ban Dallas from the SF4 tournies and Memphis from every other game. Haha, just kidding. Good shit guys. We'll get to y'alls level soon.

Time for some shout-outs. First off, shout-out to everyone who came. We are trying to build a community and put Arkansas on the map. I hope this is a baby step towards where we need to be. We got peeps repping all different places (get to those more specifically later). More importantly, we got a good turnout from Arkansas. I'm proud of you guys. A little disappointed with the Brawl turnout, but SmashBoards has been down for the past few days, so I'll cut them a little slack.

Next, shout-out to everyone who brought equipment, even if we didn't use it. Seriously, we asked the community and you guys delivered. We had at least 20-30 TVs. and a lot of Wiis and PS3s.

Shout-out to FlyMike, Lil Majin, and the entire Memphis crew for representing their city and taking back some fight money. I hope you guys had a good time and I'm glad y'all drove down here to hang with us. Y'all were really chill and definitely helped hype things up. Sorry our boy Jeremy (Viper) had to show that Honda what's up. But yeah, you guys are on a whole 'nother level in Tekken it seems.

Shout-out to Adnan, Arthur, and the entire Dallas crew for also bringing home some money and showing us what's up in SF. You guys are really classy and it was fun hosting y'all. I got your Cammy next time Adnan. I can work towards your Rog after that haha. Oh and Arthur, it's not your fault. Guile's top tier in "First Attack." Let the record show that I won $.25 in a First Attack money match with Arthur.

Shout-out to OneDirtyLei, Saif, and the Oklahoma Crew for probably driving the longest distance and showing up to play. I'm glad y'all could come out and I want everyone who's around the Oklahoma area to visit OKgamers.com for more info on tournaments that Saif will be hosting all over Oklahoma.

Special Shout-Out to Warden for representing West Plains, MO! The only guy to rep a state that we never thought we'd get players from. I didn't really get to ever talk to you much dude, but I respect that you came all the way here by yourself and you definitely have a really solid Bison. Thanks for coming out man.

Shout-Out to our special volunteers for working their asses off just so they can support the scene. The guys running the brackets? If it wasn't me or Mike, it was someone who doesn't play video games and had no reason to even come to our tournament except as a favor to me and Mike.

Shout-Out to Imperator for lending his time and wisdom and also sacrificing his SF4 spot. Thanks so much man. You've been a huge help to the community, always providing almost anything we need. I really appreciate it.

Shout-Out to DisturbinglyZen for generating and running some brackets. You didn't have to and it was pretty time consuming, but you eased a huge burden on us. Thank you so much also.

Shout-Out to Warpticon for going to drastic measures to attend and participate in the tournament. I tip my hat to you.

Like I said, thanks everyone for coming out. I know I'm missing some shout-outs. I apologize if I didn't put you down. It was great meeting so many people for the first time and seeing so many familiar faces all over again. I just wish I could've played/watched more matches, but that's what running a tournament does.

Please feel free to offer insight/advice. Give us feedback. We wanted to make this as smooth as possible and it ran a little late, but I hope everyone still ended up happy. Oh and one final thing, y'all tore that pizza UP.


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